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Ajax CNC Precision is a family owned, high-precision machine shop that has been in service in Montreal since 2011.
We started out doing small batch jobs with our conventional machines and then slowly evolved with the help of our CNC machines.

We are incredibly fortunate to have some of the best staff in the field. We also have some of the most educated and experienced machinists in the market. We truly believe that the work environment is essential for the growth of our company and we take this matter very seriously.

Specialized in CNC machining, we offer cutting services in a variety of sizes and materials. Some of the services that we offer include lathe and milling operations, precision CNC lathe and milling operations, custom projects which can include assembly and an array of other mechanical operations according to needs and specifications.

Materials we work with are abundant. Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and plastic are all machinable for us. We have the capability to make a few parts with our conventional machines or many with our CNC machines.

At Ajax CNC Precision, our services offered range from big businesses to small home projects.

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